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The original reproduction on the canvas "Elements Mandala".


Giclee is printed on premium natural canvas, with high-quality ink, capturing every detail and vibrant color of the original artwork.

Framed and varnished for extra protection.


"Elements Mandala"  is a captivating piece of artwork that represents the balance of the elements.

The intricate design features the Shree Yantra at its center, surrounded by symbolic depictions of air, water, fire, and earth, symbolizing the harmonious between these essential components of nature.

Whether you are a lover of spiritual art or simply appreciate the beauty of mandalas, this piece is sure to make a striking addition to any home or office space.

Bring a sense of tranquility and balance to your surroundings with the "Elements Mandala" by Oriental Wind



    "Elements Mandala" giclee

    PriceFrom ₹34,000.00
    Excluding Sales Tax
      • Dimensions : 20x20 (26x26x2 framed), 30x30 (36x36 framed), 40x40 (46x46 framed)
      • Limited edition - each art piece is numbered and signed.
      • Certificate of authenticity.
      • High-quality printing on natural canvas.
      • Stretch on a wooden stretcher.
      • Pure wooden frame, painted and gilded by hand + 6 inches  to the image dimensions