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Welcome to Oriental Wind

​A company founded by Maria Trishetskaia also known as Oriental Wind, an artist and decorator renowned for her individual style, exploring the intersection of traditional themes with contemporary aesthetics.

At Oriental Wind, we believe in the transformative power of aesthetics. Our company is driven by a passionate commitment to harmonizing spaces through the exquisite beauty of artworks and decor, bringing forth the essential elements of luxury and refinement.

artist Maria Oriental Wind sitting in front of painting in the studio
paper print of painting

Limited edition


mandala painting on the wall

Original prints on thick designer paper are another great option for gifts, room decoration or acquiring those images, the originals of which are already in private collections.

Premium quality



Our Clients Say

Cloud Atlas painting by oriental Wind in the interior
"Your paintings are beautiful! The collection is
going to be magical!"

Anastasia, Private collector

Anastasia, Private collector

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